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G2 LNG is a Louisiana based energy development company. G2 is comprised of leaders with deep roots in the Bayou State, as well as decades of business, industry, and governmental experience.

Experience makes the difference in delivering a dependable, low cost supply of energy to the world.


G2’s initial development efforts will be a 14 mtpa LNG export facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.  Investors are committed to fund activities associated with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission permitting process leading to final approval to construct.

G2 is currently in advanced discussions with long-term customers in Asia, Europe, India and the Caribbean and have signed LOI’s reflecting the progress of these discussions. G2 will be participating in all phases of the LNG value chain.

World demand for LNG is growing rapidly.


The U.S. shale revolution transformed American hydrocarbon markets from an era of scarcity to an age of abundance. Over the past decade, U.S. oil and gas producers have applied new technologies to release natural gas and oil trapped in shale formations that were previously uneconomic to produce. As a result, the U.S. is now the largest natural gas and liquids producer in the world . 

Natural Gas Production 2014

71 (Bcf/day)


 produced 71 Bcf/d of natural gas.

66 (Bcf/day)


 produced 66 Bcf/d of natural gas.

18 (Bcf/day)


 produced 18 Bcf/d of natural gas.

16 (Bcf/day)


 produced 16 Bcf/d of natural gas.

2007: Global LNG Demand = 298 Bcf/d
2015: Global LNG Demand = 342 Bcf/d
2025: Global LNG Demand = 397 Bcf/d

The rising demand for natural gas is directly proportional to rising demand for LNG, which is one component of natural gas that has shown an annual growth rate of around 7% over last decade. Due to the lifting of export ban on oil, the demand for LNG is expected to grow further. This will increase the volume of total LNG exports and reduce the volume of total LNG import in the U.S.

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